Freshly Inventory

Traceability and batch tracking for small businesses

Effortless traceability of inventory batch or lot numbers, and expiry dates to ensure customer satisfaction and effective product recalls.



Batch Tracking

Create batches for each product variant and easily trace customer orders back to the batches they belonged.

Expiry Tracking & Alerts

Clearly see which product batches are approaching their expiry dates and get notified when they expire.

FEFO/FIFO Fulfillment

Auto-assign or manual-assign batches to fulfill orders using the First-expire, First-out or First-in, First-out method.

Recall Preparedness

Quickly collect batch, customer, and order information in the event of a recall so that you can serve your customers with confidence.

Customizable Packing Slips

Add batch details to your packing slips, so you can select the right batches for every order.

Customer-Facing Expiry Dates

Display expiry dates to your customers on your store's product pages.

Freshly Inventory
Freshly Inventory

Our Partner


We’ve partnered with GS1 US to focus on product safety, traceability, and e-commerce innovation. Recognized as the most widely-used supply chain benchmarks globally, GS1 Standards complement Freshly's commitment to help brands and retailers manage and trace perishable products online.

Our Customers

Trusted by thousands of independent stores

Pacari ChocolateEight OunceThe Rice FactoryBali Body
5 star 5 star 5 star 5 star 5 star

Freshly has been a godsend. The batch reporting is excellent should we ever have a recall. Best of all, it informs us before our batches expire so we can put them on sale. What an amazing app that is only outdone by their customer service.

Premium eJuice

5 star 5 star 5 star 5 star 5 star

Freshly is intuitive with smart, automated features. Definitely a must-have if you're selling products with batches and expiry dates. Inventory batch bulk updates are quick & easy with CSV uploads.

Mum's Medicine Cabinet

5 star 5 star 5 star 5 star 5 star

Freshly helps us manage inventory expiration dates and speed up the sales of slow-moving stock. The packing slips allows our staff pack orders using first-in, first-out. The support is top notch!

Food Craft

5 star 5 star 5 star 5 star 5 star

Freshly has made batch tracking easy and efficient for our medical devices. The app showcases expiration dates, offers promotions on expiring batches, and removes inventory that's close to expiry. Highly recommended!

Lumiquick Diagnostics Store

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Freshly affect my store?

We reliably sync your Shopify products and inventory activity. Product inventory changes as you add batches with item quantities on Freshly. All inventory updates are tracked on Freshly.

Do I have to track inventory on Shopify and Freshly?

Only the products that require batch tracking should be managed on Freshly.

Does Freshly replace my Shopify inventory and fulfillment manager?

No, we extend and enhance the capabilities of your Shopify's inventory and fulfillment manager to suit your requirements for batching and/or expiry dates. Freshly is built to work seamlessly with your existing workflow.

Does Freshly impact my existing checkout apps?

No, Freshly tracks inventory and assigns batches automatically using webhooks on the backend and does not use line item custom attributes.